Sweet Beginnings | About Us
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About Sweet Beginnings

Sweet Beginnings opened for care and early childhood education on November 2, 2009. Since that date our school has continued to grow enrollment in all of our programs. Currently we provide a caring educational environment for up to eighty-four children. We are proud of our school for many reasons; we’ve created an environment where all decisions are based on what is best for our children, where families feel like we are a part of their extended family, and where the staff and teachers take pride in providing quality care and valuable learning opportunities for all our students.

Please see our Programs page for more in-depth information. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit to one of our schools.

Sweet Family

Meet the Owners

Adam and Jessica Sweet are the owners of Sweet Beginnings Early Learning Center.  The Sweets have a passion for and strive to provide young families with the highest quality, licensed childcare and preschool in the Kansas City Northland.  They have developed a unique program offering first, a safe environment for all students. Second, a solid infant, toddler and preschool curriculum combining many approaches to best reach all types of learners. And lastly, enrichment classes that give all students exposure to other languages, the arts, science, technology, library and physical education.

Our Experienced Teachers

Jessica Sweet


Jessica manages the day-to-day operations of the center, making decisions and creating an environment for young children to thrive, achieving their first milestones.

Laura Hedges

Assistant Director

Laura has worked with children of all ages since 2007, including babysitting, being a live-in nanny, volunteering at Children’s Mercy, and working for 2 KC school districts.

LaTroya Thomas


LaTroya has been actively working in the child care industry for over 10 years. She aspires to own her own restaurant and bakery one day and is working hard to accomplish her goal.

Bonnie Kloppe
Bonnie Kloppe

Infants Senior Lead, Roly Pollies Lead

Bonnie has been at Sweet Beginnings for over 6 years and works with the littlest of the littles. She loves working with infants and helping them reach important milestones.

Jolyn Colvin
Jolyn Colvin

Grasshoppers Lead Teacher

Jolyn has been at Sweet Beginnings since January 2016, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. She absolutely loves coming to work everyday to see the kiddos and their smiles.

Colleen Paige

Nightcrawlers Lead Teacher

Colleen has been with Sweet Beginnings for 2 years. She has 3 bright, beautiful children. She loves teaching young children and is excited to be a part of this awesome team!

Ashley Riedel
Ashley Riedel

Bumblebees Lead Teacher

Ashley has been working with children her entire life. She is one of the toddler teachers who loves working with children because of the great joy and happiness it brings her.

Joshlyn Stubblefield
Joshlyn Stubblefield

Toddler Senior & Walking Sticks Lead

Joshlyn is currently going to school for her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Administration and has taken many classes/trainings for working with children.

Deon Mason

Caterpillars Lead Teacher

Deon  has worked with children of all ages in childcare. Her favorite part about working with children is getting to help and watch them accomplish so many new tasks.

Kelly Mohn

Dragonflies Lead Teacher

Kelly is so excited to be here with all of these children. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her niece and nephews and spend time with friends and family.

Crystal Rother
Crystal Rother

Butterflies Lead Teacher

Before joining Sweet Beginnings Crystal had a small, in-home daycare of her own for two years. She joined Sweet Beginnings a year and a half ago and instantly felt at home.

Courtney Daniels
Courtney Allen

Fireflies Co-Lead Teacher

Courtney has worked with children of all ages since 2002 off and on and for the last 6 years with ages 2-5. She loves working with kids and watching them grow and shine!

Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor

Fireflies Co-Lead Teacher

Morgan is currently working towards her CDA at Penn Valley. It is an absolute joy for her to work with children and help them develop life-long skills.