Below you will find a brief developmental description of each of our classrooms. This will give you an idea of the skill set and milestones you can expect your child to work on and accomplish during their time in each classroom. An approximate age range is noted next to each classroom name, please understand, we place children in classrooms first by where he/she is developmentally and second by their age/kindergarten class, lastly by availability. We follow strict state licensing teacher/child ratio requirements, those are also listed next to each classroom. All age groups listed are approximate, students develop at an individual rate and their individuality is considered in classroom placement.

Roly Pollies – 1:4 ratio (newborn – 6 months)

In a soothing and loving environment, your infant will be nurtured by our caring teachers.  They will encourage your infant to begin to gain strength while supporting their own body.  Lessons are tailored to meet your child’s individual milestone needs, working on milestone assistance during wake periods throughout the day.  Your infant will learn to recognize parents and teachers with voice and touch.  Your infant will be encouraged to babble and coo, roll over, and grasp for toys and other objects.

Grasshoppers/Nightcrawlers – 1:4 ratio (6 – 16 months)

As your infant becomes more adventurous, teachers will encourage him/her to sit unsupported, crawl, and begin to walk. At meal time, your infant will begin to eat table food, self-feed with pincher-grasp, and practice using a sippy cup.  At naptime your child will transition from a crib to a cot around their first birthday.  Circle time will focus on repeating words, waving, stacking two or more blocks, listening to stories, singing, baby signs and identifying body parts by pointing.

Bumblebees – 1:4 ratio (12  – 20 months)

Toddlers will love to explore sitting at the table while learning to use utensils during meals.  Your toddler will begin to expand their vocabulary to 15-20 words and begin to use two word phrases.  He/she will learn to practice throwing a ball, coloring, pulling and pushing toys along the ground and show affection to others by waving or smiling.  This age group generally begins to experience new levels of separation anxiety.  Teachers will work with families by reassuring children at drop-off and offering children consistency and routine in the classroom to help them get through this sometimes difficult time period.  Students will begin having a weekly American Sign Language class.

Walking Sticks/Caterpillars – 1:4 ratio (16 – 30 months)

Your confident and mobile toddler will be challenged to use more skills of independence, using words to solve conflicts, sharing, showing respect and cleaning up after themselves.  They will also be learning to imitate adults, stack 5 or more blocks, sing songs, finger plays and listening to stories.  The teachers will introduce your toddler to the potty and encourage a positive bathroom experience. Weekly enrichment classes include: Rockin’ Rob’s Music & Movement, Foreign Language, American Sign Language and KC Zoo S.T.E.M. Outreach for Prekindergarten.

Dragonflies/Butterflies – 1:8 ratio (2 – 3 1/2 years)

A structured setting will give your child the confidence he/she needs to help transition into our preschool program.  Students will participate in a routine and focused circle time with planned lessons that enhance letter and sound knowledge, number sense, pre-writing skills, color and shape recognition and thematic activities. Your student will begin to express themselves in full sentences, recognizing and spelling their name, and increase their gross and fine motor skills through play.  Teachers will encourage complete potty training independence from pulling down/up pants to hand washing.  Students will be guided toward achieving self-help skills and learning they are an important part of their classroom community.  We all take care of ourselves, our friends and our classroom environment, sharing the responsibilities together to become responsible citizens. Weekly enrichment classes include: Rockin’ Rob’s Music & Movement, Foreign Language, American Sign Language and KC Zoo S.T.E.M. Outreach for Prekindergarten.

Fireflies – 1:10 ratio (3 – 5 years)

Your preschooler will be preparing to enter kindergarten by focusing on skills to improve success.  The daily routine will reflect a daily kindergarten schedule.  Components of the day will include a structured and focused circle time, math and writing journals, dramatic play, and independent learning centers utilizing Montessori work and materials.  Story time will be enhanced by learning basic book knowledge and retelling skills, the first step to becoming an independent reader.  Teachers will help your student learn to comply with rules, limits and routines as well as respect the rights and feelings of others.  Children graduating from Sweet Beginnings will be prepared to transition to Kindergarten with a solid educational foundation, writing his/her name with appropriate capital and lowercase letters, identifying some sight words, counting and recognizing number values through 25 and using language to communicate their needs and wants to others. Weekly enrichment classes include: Rockin’ Rob’s Music & Movement, Foreign Language, American Sign Language and KC Zoo S.T.E.M. Outreach for Prekindergarten.