Sweet Beginnings | Enrichment Classes
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Enrichment Programs


Meaningful Hands Signing Academy starts with toddlers and is offered through PreK. Sign language has been shown to help kids communicate sooner, building their vocabulary and leading to less frustration. Teachers are able to increase interactions and use it to teach letters/numbers more easily through body movement, teach language, social emotional skills, and manage conflicts. This program uses the award winning Signing Time Curriculum as well as the ASL vocabulary for babies, toddlers, and adults introduced through songs, stories, flash cards, and FUN!

Jemima’s Playhouse is an all-in-one music and language, interactive, children’s program that starts with toddlers and is offered through PreK. Children are taught music, foreign language, and civics through original songs, books, and characters. This innovative cultural enrichment program is a great mix of culture blended with entertainment and education through the practice of music, arts, and foreign language and IMAGINATION!


Welcome to the Mulberry Bush! This is a licensed early childhood music and movement program that starts with toddlers and is offered through PreK. This program offers music education in a fun, enthusiastic, and caring environment. The Musikgarten curriculum is a holistic program in that it develops the whole child—physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively, and musically. Children move, sing, listen to high quality music, explore musical instruments, and much more.

Welcome to the STEM Safari Program! This program is offered to our PreK classes. Books, STEM, and animals, Oh my! Explore the world of STEM through your favorite children’s books. Each week, we will enjoy story time, followed by a STEM project. Discover how we encounter Science, Technology, Engineering and Math every single day. Plus, each month we will have an animal visitor thanks to our friends from the Kansas City Zoo!