Sweet Beginnings | Enrollment
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Why choose Sweet Beginnings Early Learning Center…

  • Conveniently located childcare center in the Kansas City Northland
    • 9333 N Oak Tfwy., KC, MO 64155
  • State Licensed Facility, accepting State Assistance Tuition Payments.
  • Participating in Child Adult Care Food Program, offering students center provided formula, baby food, baby cereal, breakfast, lunch & snacks.
  • Monthly menu including all fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals.  Quality, lean cut meats, fresh fruits & vegetables and milk served daily with meals, limited sweets (no more than twice/week) and a no juice facility.
  • Competitive Tuition Rates including weekly enrichment classes: Foreign Language, American Sign Language, Art & Music. Also, monthly visits from the Mid-Continent Librarian/Storyteller and bi-monthly visits from Animal Wonders (live animals) for Animal Education.
    • Infant/Toddlers – $255/Week
    • Preschool I – $225/Week
    • Preschool II – $205/Week
  • Always maintaining low Adult-Child Ratios, providing safe classrooms and lots of opportunities for individual teaching and focus on students.
    • Infant/Toddlers – 1 Adult : 4 Children
    • Preschool I – 1 Adult : 8 Children
    • Preschool II – 1 Adult : 10 Children
  • Secured Entrance to main building.
  • Procare Software
  • Privately maintain all student files, adding another layer of safety for our students.
  • Required student check in/out, reminders at check in/out for immunization updates, tuition payments and other important reminders/information.
  • Card swipe access at check in/out, ACH/Batch payments.
  • Himama App for Parents to access daily sheets, communicate with teachers, view State aligned lesson plans and other important classroom and school information.
  • Professional weekly GREEN Cleaning Company, Coverall Commercial Cleaning.
  • All Teachers and Staff are Infant/Child CPR & First Aid Trained and Certified.  Teachers also receiving ongoing training in Conscious Discipline, as we move toward becoming a certified Conscious Discipline Facility.  Minimum of 12 hours of training/teacher/year.
  • Planned Improvements for 2017-18 Enrollment Period
    • Interior Classroom Enhancements
    • New classroom shelving/furniture, equipment & work
    • Playground improvements and equipment upgrades
    • Employee retention through pay scale adjustments & added employee benefits