Sweet Beginnings | Programs
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Our unique approach to learning has proven beneficial as our graduating students enter kindergarten ahead of their peers. In an effort to ensure all of our students learning styles and needs are addressed, we combine a variety of Preschool Philosophies and Early Learning Styles.

The Preschool Philosophies we incorporate into classroom plans include, but are not limited to, Traditional, Progressive, Montessori, and Reggio.  Each of these philosophies have aspects that we value and know to be key to a successful early learning environment.  We incorporate the best part of each to give us a starting point for our lessons and activities.  In addition to the philosophies mentioned above, we develop weekly lesson plans from many other reliable early learning curriculums and resources.  Over the years we have learned that subscribing to one specific curriculum limits us.  It does not allow us to meet the needs of your child, regardless of what type of learner they are, which is extremely important to us and key for a successful Early Learning Program.

Our school is designed to be flexible, making us a good fit for many families.  Society is evolving and we offer you a versatile program that will assist your child by helping them fill their toolboxes for success in life.  This is a crucial piece of what we offer.  At Sweet Beginnings children discover an environment that provides them with an opportunity to gain life skills, independence, and the tools they need to become responsible members of society.  We include experiences in the classroom that are unique, meaningful, and enriching.  Sweet Beginnings teachers arrange their schedule and lessons to meet the needs of all students and provide each of them with chances to be both leaders and strong supporters.

Each day there are a variety of activities structured for independent work time, small group and large group activities.  Students participate in their classroom community.  Each child assists teachers in planning the next lessons or themes, by sharing their interests and following their curiosities during work time, asking questions and having conversations with other children and teachers.  Throughout each day there are times children guide their own learning, times teachers are working independently with a student or group of students, and times when children work together in a partnership or group.  Sweet Beginnings encourages teachers to seek additional training, certifications, and continuing education.  We strive to demonstrate the value of lifelong learning to our students and serve as the role models they need to become lifelong learners themselves.